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New from Zealand place to Indulge and get Mesmerized. The one stop shop where you can choose over 400 New Zealand made products. We are authorized distributor, retailer, manufacturer and/or exporter of premium brands of New Zealand. Some products are only available at our concept store at Unit 3, 1 Bishop Dunn Place, Auckland. We AAM Limited are completely and utterly devoted to good taste, whether it's New Zealand honey, Honey coconut chocolates, Lozenges, wine, food, Sake, whisky, rum... We firmly believe that eating and drinking well is an essential part of a life well lived and also that it's possible on almost any budget. You just have to know where to look. Great way to start is 8@night wines collection, keeps the New Zealand experience constantly evolving. It offers the widest taste of New Zealand wines from Gisborne, Marlborough, Nelson and Central Otago. Come and experience the exquisite range of products especially 8@NIGHT, MILCREST, HILOK, SAKE WINES, collection of local and imported WHISKEY, Prenzel cooking and beverages, Nelson Honey skincare and healthcare and Comvita product range and many more. Our premium New Zealand made products will captivate your mind.

HoneyChef Chocolate Infused With Coconut

Honey Chocolates infused with Coconuts,indulge in an obsessive wave of flavors, just wait 'till you bite into. Enjoy the appetizing chocolate out of the ordinary, share some sweetness from honey with your loved ones.

A Touch Of Yesteryear

Take a trip down memory lane, brought right up to date by Prenzel! Try these summer and winter thirst quenchers. Ma Prenzel's Lemon, Honey and Ginger is ideal for those winter ailments or add some soda with a twist and bam, you have an amazing natural ginger beer alternative. Ma Prenzels' Blackcurrant and Elderberry becomes a refreshing drink when diluted with water, or why not soak your Christmas fruit! Pour over ice cream or add to a smoothie.


Rich walnut brown with copper highlights. Truly charming. Warm, sensual and pleasing. An air of peaceful tranquillity hangs over this elixir of pleasure. Soft hints of pine and lemon grass coupled with spicy cinnamon flaunt themselves in a pleasing manner. You are immediately captivated by its enticing charm that only careful nurturing and age can bring. Take a generous mouthful and be captivated by its very soul. Like a galaxy of handmade chocolates you will be thrilled by a feast of mouth.

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