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The Orchardist

The Orchardist is a boutique family owned and operated orchard located on the edge of the Tauranga Harbour, near Katikati. We have stunning views towards Matakana Island and glimpses of Mayor and Karewa Islands beyond in the Pacific Ocean. Here we harvest macadamia nuts from 940 macadamia trees, for much of the year, to ensure that you, our customers, receive the freshest and tastiest macadamia nuts available. 

Our ‘GlobalGap’ Certified orchard also produces kiwifruit, avocadoes and citrus for both international and local markets. 

At The Orchardist, we grow five varieties of macadamia nuts, all carefully selected for superior nutrition and flavour of the nuts. All nut varieties are GM free (and they’re gluten free too). Our macadamia nuts are only harvested when the tree decides they are mature enough to drop, then they are collected regularly and dried promptly. We do not chemically induce nut drop, (and yes we are serious about sustainability utilising waste heat to dry the nuts.