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Wild Fern

Nestled deep in the South Pacific is the archipelago of islands that make up New Zealand. The main North and South Islands, featuring wide open spaces, dramatic scenery and a diverse culture, are home to over 4 million people. Although it is a small country, New Zealand has made its mark on the world in many remarkable ways. To create our Wild Ferns range, we didn’t need to search the world for secret ingredients and recipes. The freshness of New Zealand is our inspiration. Wild Ferns products are unique and honest, with a special element of difference – just like our country.
Every product in the Wild Ferns range has a distinctive ingredient derived from New Zealand’s unique landscape. We use ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Kiwifruit, Bee Venom, Thermal Mud and Lanolin to deliver real skincare benefits. When you open a Wild Ferns product, delicious scents remind you that you’re looking after yourself with the gentle gifts of nature.